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Dear Pastor,

When I served as a missions pastor, it was my hope and dream to see members in my church grow in their commitment to missions – either by serving directly or by supporting others involved in cross-cultural service.

I’m sure you share this hope and dream for members of your church. It is not easy today for churches to find ways to explore and equip their people in the Great Commission.

That is why I am writing you: to invite your church to join other churches who are partnering together with MissionConnexion, which seeks to mobilize thousands of believers in the Pacific Northwest, as well as the greater Phoenix, Arizona and US Southwest regions.

MissionConnexion began in the Portland, Oregon area in 2001. Our mission is: “Connecting God’s people to mission through regional conferences and focus events so that increasing numbers of believers are active serving in areas of the world’s greatest gospel need and opportunity.”

We do this by organizing an annual missions conference that features outstanding speakers on global missions, provides up to 100 workshops led by local experts on a wide variety of missions topics and enables those interested in missions to meet directly with representatives often from more than 95 mission agencies.

MissionConnexion is also a growing network of churches that collaborate together, share best biblical practices for missions engagement, mobilization and discipleship. Our workshops are a great place to learn more from experienced practitioners here in the Northwest.

While no one church could do this on their own, we believe that whatever just cause your church is focusing on to reach our community here or among the nations you will benefit by partnering together and learning from a growing network of churches and various organizations.

I hope that you will consider joining MissionConnexion as one of our church partners. We ask for your help to encourage your members to attend and to volunteer. We also encourage your church to share in the financial cost and to pray for God’s blessing on the event and those who participate.

Below is the link to the application for church partnership which includes the description of church partnership. I’d love the opportunity to talk further about this with you and can contact your office in the days ahead to arrange an opportunity to meet at your convenience.


Bill MacLeod

Director, MissionConnexion

© MissionConnexion


© MissionConnexion