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Northwest Welcomes Mary Ho!

You may remember 26-year-old missionary, John Chau who went to take the gospel to the people of North Sentinel Island but was killed by them in his effort to do so November 2018. His life epitomizes the theme for our Mission ConneXion Northwest January event: “Here I am…What’s Next?”

It’s time… 2022!

Ten days from now Mission ConneXion Northwest (MCNW 2022) launches at Village Church Beaverton, and there could not be a more appropriate theme for January 21-22, 2022, than “It’s Time.” 

“It’s Time… For Results!”

With an urgency to both meet and engage with others eager to take the gospel ‘across the street and around the world’…our 2022 “it’s time.” Conference resonated in and through every aspect of this year’s 20th anniversary event! We were so very grateful for Village Church hosting us and allowing us to be “in person” for the first time in two years! 

Of Invasion, Resolve, and Preparation…

As Russian tanks rolled across the Ukrainian border last weekend making their way toward the capital of Kyiv, the world watched in amazement at the resolve of the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and indeed the citizens themselves who took up arms to defend their country. Additionally, not only is Ukraine second in size only to Russia, but it is also the main missionary-sending country for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Ukraine and Easter

Everyone loves a David and Goliath story. What has been unfolding in Ukraine since the end of February is both horrific and miraculous. Russia taking aggressive action against a sovereign, unsuspecting nation (the Number One Missionary-sending country to Europe and Central Asia by the way); includes the deliberate killing of ordinary civilians, over 4 million refugees fleeing to neighboring countries; hundreds of thousands Ukrainian citizens remaining to defend their country, all led by a President who is Jewish with a family history of resisting tyranny while he himself had previously been a career actor and comedian.

Thank You Papa Straws

When our oldest went to college in SoCal, his roommate was the son of a pastor in the area, so he began attending that church his freshman year. As our other kids began attending the same college, they joined their brother for services each Sunday. My wife and I always looked forward to connecting with this pastor and his wife when we worshipped with our kids there, and we became close friends as they looked out for our kids, and so many other college students who called this church their home away from home. Not surprisingly, they affectionately dubbed him “Papa Straws”.

Remembering Jake DeShazer

Memorial Day exists to help us remember those who fought and died for our great country and our freedom. There was one who fought but did not die for our country, but who became a missionary to those who had made him a prisoner of war – so they might know the life and freedom Jesus Christ offers. 

When Ted Met Billy

In December 1952, Ted was a 21-year-old soldier on the front lines of the Korean War. Billy Graham was a 34-year-old evangelist on an eleven-day visit to Korea, and this was the only time he would be speaking to Marines on the front lines. While he had been raised in a Christian home, it was not until he faced life and death decisions that Ted gave his life to Christ at the invitation two days before Christmas there on the front lines in Korea. From that day forward everything changed.

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