MissionConnexion conferences and focus events are volunteer run and staffed by people just like you.


There is a place for everyone to serve — from the parking lot to the cafeteria, from registration to security. We welcome small groups, youth groups and individuals to serve alongside us.

Events are held throughout the year and country and offer numerous opportunities for you to invest your time and talents in helping MissionConnexion advance the Gospel through mission.

We can’t do it without you.


Prayer volunteers are a group of individuals who will partner during and after the annual conference to pray for the needs and listen to the Lord as he answers prayers. This group will be overseen by the Prayer Coordinator and will be ready willing and able to pray with the conference attendees and speakers throughout the duration of the conference.


Hospitality assistants will help stock Plenary Green Room accordingly; maintains a prayerful and peaceful atmosphere in the Green Room; assists Hospitality Coordinator with each Plenary speaker to ensure their needs are met (water, snack, knowledge of Green Room).


Ushers will assist in taking of the offering during plenary sessions, give guidance around facilities if needed, and assist in other tasks when asked.


Volunteers will welcome attendees, be door greeters, direct attendees to the registration table to get their badge, making sure everyone has registered and has a name tag. Volunteers will set up and be ready to print/stuff/handout name tags and lanyards to those registered. They will help individuals NOT registered to register online at the table.


Workshop volunteers will assist the Workshop Coordinator by scanning workshop attendee’s badge, assisting with recording device setup, provide instructions on the online survey process, and assisting the needs of the workshop leader.


Volunteers help stock Exhibitor Green Room; accordingly, maintains a prayerful and peaceful atmosphere in the Green Room; assists Exhibitor Coordinator with each booth Rep to ensure needs are met (water, snack, knowledge of Green Room). Volunteers help load in/load out, set up/tear down during the event.


Donation volunteers will collect offerings, assist in helping online donations, working with coordinator for counting/recording/distributing fund if needed during event.


Volunteers will work with the church security staff to assist in directing traffic flow in parking lots especially during heavy entry/exit times,  have knowledge where the first aid kit is and be able to provide if needed, wear reflective vests while outside, and strive to help guide people where they need to go.

Onsite Rapid Response

A handful of volunteers will be working with the local authorities with safety of the attendees, work with the lead Response person in dealings with any incidents that include police or emergency situations.


Volunteer will work before and after the event to set up tables, chairs, signage, etc. to make the event run successfully. This will include lifting and carrying. They could also work with our AV department in assisting them to run cords, set up screens, etc. At the conclusion of the event the facility will need to be set back to its original condition.

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© MissionConnexion