Northwest Welcomes Wendy Palau

By Bill MacLeod, Director, MissionConnexion 

We are privileged to welcome Wendy Palau to MissionConnexion Northwest this year with our emphasis “To Every Generation and Nation”. She grew up in Jamaica as the daughter of Robert and Judy Levy and became the wife of Andrew Palau as a result of their meeting at a Palau Festival Luis did there.

She is a gifted evangelist, leading outreaches to women around the world as a part of Palau Festivals and media campaigns that reach millions each week through daily Hope with God radio programs and digital strategies. Her book, Stories of Hope, is an anthology of diverse stories from women around the world, highlighting how they found hope in Christ amidst their darkest moments.

An active contributor to the Palau Association’s digital evangelism and discipleship ministry, she regularly shares the Gospel with warmth and insight into where the hope of Christ intersects with the universal struggles of people everywhere.

Wendy shoulders a burden for the brokenhearted, born out of her own experience of loneliness, pain and loss. While raised in a loving home on the island of Jamaica, her heart sought fulfillment and peace in all the wrong places. At 25 years of age, God radically changed her life and she found the true joy she had been longing for.

She and her husband, Andrew, have since dedicated their lives to sharing this message of hope with hurting people around the world. Wendy and Andrew have three children, Christopher, Jonathan and Sadie, and live in Portland, Oregon.