Southwest Welcomes Al Fadi

By Jake E., Southwest Coordinator, MissionConnexion 

We are incredibly honored to have Al Fadi speak at MissionConnexion Southwest 2023.

Al Fadi originally came to the USA as an international student from Saudi Arabia. One of his original goals as a Muslim international student was to convert Americans to Islam. He was befriended by a Christian family that showed the love of Jesus to him through kindness and hospitality.

Over time, Al Fadi began to recognize that this family had something he didn’t.  He couldn’t exactly describe what it was but he knew there was something special and unique about them. In fact, to the point that it made him angry that they had something he didn’t. He spent a lot of life with them but over time he moved, as did they, and he lost contact with them.

After Al Fadi graduated college at the University of Arizona, he moved up to Phoenix where he started working as an engineer. One of Al Fadi’s coworkers also spoke love and truth to him. Al Fadi and this coworker had many conversations about faith. Through several different life events, Al Fadi’s heart began to be softened and he slowly began to be open to the Gospel.

It started with the family that befriended him then it moved to a co-worker who shared Jesus with him. Eventually, he started coming to church by an invitation of a co-worker and over time the pastor of the church began speaking a message of hope and love that pierced through Al Fadi’s heart. Over time, Al Fadi said yes to Jesus and was baptized. He went on to graduate from Phoenix Seminary and now has an international ministry to Muslims.

Here is a Youtube video of testimony that has over two million views!


Al Fadi will also be teaching at Leadership Connexion on Friday, November 3, 2023. To learn more and register for this preconference click here.