This dedicated page provides you, our Church Partners, with all the communication tools you will need to promote the MissionConnexion Southwest Conference.

Digital Promotional Tools

Digital tools are for your use in creating your own website, email or social media promotion.

Website Event Page Graphic Elements

Graphics to promote the main Southwest conference as well as the Leadership and MissionExcellence preconference events.

Church Testimonial Video

Event testimonial video featuring Pastor Dave Martin.

Broadcast Email Masthead

A banner image that can be used in broadcast emails.

Social Media Post

An image to use on social media posts.

Print Collateral

The print collateral is ready for printing on your copier for distribution to your congregation.

The flyer/bulletin insert is 2-up for printing on an 8 ½ x 11” sheet and can simply be cut in half for distribution.

The Poster is an 11 x 17” sheet size and is a fillable PDF allowing you to insert your church logo or type your church’s name at the bottom to localize it for your participation.

Flyer / Bulletin Insert

Flyer download file has two flyers per page for easy printing and trimming.


Poster includes a fillable field that can be personalized with your church’s information.

In-Service Promotional Tools

Promotional tools for in-service use are provided for announcements during worship, small groups or monitor rotation.

Pulpit Announcement Script

60 second event announcement script for promotion during services.

PowerPoint Promo Slide

An image sized to fit on a 16:9 PowerPoint slide.

PowerPoint Promo Slide with QR Code

An image sized to fit on a 16:9 PowerPoint slide.

Promotional Video

A promotional video to share with your congregation.

© MissionConnexion


© MissionConnexion